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Day ascent – ​​Pico Mountain

Day ascent – ​​Pico Mountain


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If you accepted the challenge of climbing Pico Mountain, congratulations!

Once the weather forecasts are confirmed, our Certified Guide will remind you of what you need to make the climb. The ascent requires some physical preparation and a lot of care, hence the accompaniment by a Certified Guide is recommended.

With us, the ascent will be at your own pace with a dedicated Guide. Calm down because we have the whole day just for you.

An appointment at the «Casa da Montanha», if you do not want to «transfer included», it is time to check that we all have the appropriate protective equipment, food, water and of course, the camera.
Registration is made at «Casa da Montanha» – mandatory –

Our Guide will accompany you along a trail, mostly made of volcanic rock, very irregular, which will require some effort and care. . Once the summit is reached, the effort is rewarded by the breathtaking, breathtaking landscapes. First the crater (it seems that we have reached the Moon), then the last stage: the «Piquinho». This one, with its 70 m height, will give more «fight» but inevitable for us to reach the goal: 2351 m of altitude, the highest point of the island of Pico, the Azores and Portugal. You will also see the «fumaroles» that show the magnificence of the (dormant) volcano. If you have opted for sunrise or sunset, the experience will be even more exciting. 1 hour is suggested to enjoy the place, the silence and «walk on the clouds».

Return to «Casa da Montanha», along the same trail, totaling approx. about 7.4 kms with an altitude rise of approx. 1,130m. Once the adventure is over, back to civilization, it is recommended to go through Lagoa do Capitão, for another photo, with the mountain in the background, as it is on the way (São Roque).

Land Tours wishes you a good climb!