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Escuteiros de Monte-Redondo - Land Tours - Notícias/Blog

Scouts of Monte-Redondo

Today, September 03, 2019, the company Land Tours accompanied the group of pioneers from Group 1054, of the scouts from Monte-Redondo - Leiria, on the climb to Pico Mountain. Thus, the dream of this group of young people came true, to climb the “Mountain of

Adventure tours

São Jorge – Dragon Island – Azores Untouched nature, unique landscapes, authentic flavors – the best ingredients for «an island adventure» São Jorge is known for its famous cheese, with its production started more than 500 years ago – the São Jorge Cheese – and
Grupo Juvemedia - Land Tours - Notícias/Blog

Group Juvemedia

After almost 20 years, Associação Juvemedia, from Lisbon, sent another group to the Azores. This time there were 7 elements. In S. Jorge they stayed in Fajã de Santo Cristo having requested our services for the 9th of September. The day was filled with a